How to Apply

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Application Information

Application Information Sheet

In addition to the submission of transcripts from all universities attended and three (3) letters of reference, applicants are asked to submit a statement of interest (MA applicants) or proposed plan of study (doctoral applicants), a resume or CV and a sample of their written or other relevant work.

MA Statement of Interest

The MA statement of interest should provide a clear description of the applicant’s intellectual interests for future study and research within the wider field of communication and culture.  While the applicant is not expected to have a detailed plan for a specific research project, a clear sense of a well-defined area of interest is essential.  It should also address the applicant’s preparation for graduate work in communication and culture and highlight any accomplishments relevant to admission into the program.  If there are aspects of the applicant’s file that merit explanation such as anomalous grades or factors that have interfered with the applicant’s academic career, these may be briefly discussed in the statement (approximately 500 words).

PhD Proposed Plan of Study

The PhD Proposed Plan of Study should provide a clear and detailed description of the planned research area of the applicant (approximately 500 words). Ideally, it would include a description of objects of study and potential methods for undertaking research in this area. The statement should also address the compatibility of the applicant’s scholarly interests with the Graduate Program. Applicants should also discuss their preparation for doctoral study in communication and culture and highlight any accomplishments relevant to taking on this level of academic work.  If the applicant is applying with an academic background (in terms of degrees, courses, previous research, etc.) that could appear distant from the central scholarly areas of the program, the applicant can indicate factors that would support admission despite possible gaps in preparation.


Applicants applying on the basis that their academic and professional credentials are equivalent to an honours degree (for the MA program) or to a Master's/Magisteriate degree (for the PhD program) must make the case for equivalency in their statements of interest or in a covering letter as part of their application.


Applications will be accepted until the University deadline of 15 March.

For questions about the application process, funding and scholarships, and general questions about the Communication & Culture Graduate Program, please contact Claresta Adityani, Graduate Program Assistant

For questions about the PhD program and graduate studies at York, please contact Prof. Jan Hadlaw, Graduate Program Director

For questions about the MA program and graduate studies at York, please contact Prof. Tokunbo Ojo, MA Coordinator


Applying to the Joint Graduate Program in Communication & Culture

Application instructions for the Joint Graduate Program in Communication & Culture are available online and can be accessed from the Admissions website.


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