Forms and Documents - PhD

Degree Regulations

These documents must be filled out in order to document progress through the program. They appear in the order in which they are typically required.

PDF files require Adobe Reader. Doc(x) files require Microsoft Word.

  • PhD Degree Requirements (.pdf)
    Outline of courses required for the degree.
  • PhD Timeline To Completion (.pdf)
    Guideline for what needs to be accomplished and when.
  • PhD Degree Audit (.pdf)
    The degree audit should be completed when you are in the final stages of your course work, just prior to embarking on your Master's Thesis/Project/Research Paper or prior to preparing for PhD qualifying examinations. The degree audit is very similar to the annual progress report. It is a way of confirming that you have indeed completed all the degree requirements--or received a waiver--and that we are all in agreement about your record. Please make sure that you fill in all sections--course number, session taken, title, course director, etc...and jot down any relevant notes.

Qualifying Examination Forms and Regulations

PhD Dissertation & Defense

PhD Student Progress Report

Each student is required to complete an Annual Progress Report [APR] at the end of each winter term. This report is used for advising purposes to ensure you are on track for your particular programme of study. Students will not be able to register for the summer term until an APR has been received.

General Course & Program Administration

These documents are used to initiate requests for various kinds.

  • Directed Readings Form (.pdf)
    A Directed Readings course is intended to provide the student with the opportunity to review critically a body of literature and to prepare an annotated bibliography, reading log, or critical review essay or essays.
  • Directed Research Form (.pdf)
    A Directed Research course involves the preparation of a substantial research paper, normally involving at least some use of primary materials (archival collections, media analysis, secondary analysis of polls, focus groups, interviews, participant observations, etc).
  • Directed Group Study Guidelines (.pdf)
    Under this heading, a group of students, with the agreement of a faculty member, may organize a seminar in an area not covered in the course offerings. The faculty member acts as a monitor, helping students develop a bibliography and facilitate discussions, but does not act as an instructor. As the title suggests, students are expected to study as a group, taking the initiative in course participation and seminar presentations. The faculty member will grade presentations and written work.
  • Ryerson/York CMCT OVGS Form (.pdf)
    For York Com Cult students who wish to take a course in another graduate program at Ryerson.
  • Course Substitution Form (.pdf)
    Use this form if you are requesting a course substitution or course waiver.
  • Information Regarding Incomplete Grades (.pdf)
    Grades must be reported within a couple of weeks of the start of a new term for courses which ended the term before. For Communication & Culture students at both Ryerson and York these deadlines are:

    • January 15 for a fall term course;
    • May 15 or a winter term course or a fall-winter course; and
    • September 15 for a summer course

    Important: Please download the above file to view detailed information about incomplete grades. If you still have questions after viewing this information, please contact the program administrator directly.

  • Course Transaction Form
    The student requests course work extension from the course director and submits the form to the Program office.
    Students are fully responsible for the download, completion, and submission of the form to their graduate program. Students must attach any correspondence (including medical documentation) that supports their request at the time of submission.

Links & Other Resources

Further information and resources relating to graduate research at York.