James Scott Forsyth

Field of Study: Media & Culture

University: York University
E-Mail Address: sforsyth@yorku.ca
Phone Number: (416) 736-2100 ext. 22164
Office Location: CFT 238
Office Hours: TBA

B.A (Trent); M.A. (York); Ph.D. (York)
Professor Scott Forsyth has published on the politics of Hollywood films, Marxist cultural theory, third world film and film in Canada. He is a founding editor of the film studies journal CineAction. He is currently working on a research project on culture and Canadian Communists in the thirties and a manuscript on contemporary Hollywood, American imperialism and Cold War and post-Cold War ideologies. He is based in the Department of Film and is cross-appointed to the Department of Political Science. Research Interests: Marxist cultural and aesthetic theory; film history, media politics, film in Canada , the United States and the third world.
Research Interests.
Film and media politics; film history; Marxist cultural and aesthetic theory; film in the third world. Projects on cultural politics and Canadian Communists and on Hollywood and imperialism.
Selected Publications
"The Sixties Redux," Cineaction 89, WInter, 2012“The Festival, Politics and Space”, CineAction 82/83, Winter 2010

“Performance, Realism and Melodrama,” CineAction #76, Winter 2009

“Class and American Comedy,” Labour/le travail #58, Fall 2006 (book review)

"Communists, Class and Culture," in Working On Screen: Canadian Film and the Working Class, Khouri and Varga, (eds.), Toronto: U of T Press, 2006

"Hollywood Reloaded: The Film as Imperial Commodity," in Leo Panitch and Colin Leys, (eds.), Empire Reloaded: Socialist Register 2005, London: Merlin Press, 2004

Journal Issues Edited
Politics and Cinema, CineAction 92, Winter 2013

3D, CGI and Beyond, CineAction 89, Winter 2012

New Cinema, CineAction 86, WInter 2011

Science Fiction/Canadian Films, CineAction 82/83, Winter 2010

Global Cinema/Canadian Films and TV, CineAction #78, Summer 2009

Cinema and New Media, CineAction #73/74, Winter 2008