Future Communications Conference | Open House

The Joint Graduate Program in Communication & Culture invites you to participate in Future Communications, a one-day symposium and Open House for current and prospective graduate students.

The theme “Future Communications” can be interpreted broadly to include investigations of all aspects of culture, media, politics, policy, technology, and creative practice.

Photo of Mark HaywardKeynote Speaker: Mark Hayward
“Platform Multiculturalism: Histories and Futures of Media Diversity in Canada”

What kinds of futures might we imagine for media supporting and serving cultural and linguistic diversity in Canada? How might the history of the role media has played in Canadian multiculturalism contribute to discussions about media, identity and culture? Focusing on how traditional media (radio and television in particular) are adapting to the dynamics of contemporary digital media economies, Dr. Hayward explores how the contested and conflicted history of media diversity in Canada might contribute to the critique and transformation of ideas of multiculturalism in light of the emergence of platform media.

Mark Hayward is an associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies at York University and the author of the forthcoming Identity & Industry: Making Media Multicultural in Canada (MQUP).

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