The Conversation on Global Climate Action

Postdoctoral Fellow Tyrone Hall recently wrote an article for the media outlet The Conversation where he spoke on why Canada should lead global climate action.

Hall points out that Canada’s commitment to combat climate change can improve by aligning with the Paris Agreement, championing the UNFCCC Process, and leading the GCF replenishment.

Acting as adviser of the Alliance for Small Island Developing States, Professor Hall also recently appeared on CTV’s Your Morning, speaking on Canada's international role on the issue of climate change.

The conversation covered the idea of shared space, sovereignty and if Canada should act. Professor Hall feels the time for urgency is now:

"...what Canada really ought to do is to continue its history of global outreach. Especially when it comes to climate change because there's a tapestry of multilateral processes to deal with it. So re-engaging in that process more vigorously and in good faith I think is Canada's best bet."

For more, click on the link below to watch the segment.

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