MA Degree Requirements (pre-2014)

Note: These degree requirements only apply to Master's students who entered the program prior to September 2014.

Degree Requirements

The curriculum features required core courses for both the MA and PhD, foundation courses in each area, and a wide range of electives, including courses mounted especially for this Program. Students will also have access to courses in related programs. As far as possible program requirements have been designed to serve the needs of both full-time and part-time students. Courses will be offered at both universities, scheduled to minimize travel. Offerings include opportunities for field placements (in public and private institutions) and independent study.

Part-time studies at York - the program makes every effort to schedule a selection of courses at times convenient for part-time study.  However, courses are not always available in the evening.  Part-time students may find it necessary to take courses which are scheduled throughout the day.  This may mean negotiating time away from your other commitments.

(A) Master's Thesis or Project

8 half-courses and Thesis/Project (24 course credits)

Thesis: A report of about 100 pages based on original research under the direction of a supervisory committee. Please note that in order to do a thesis, you must complete a Request Form (pdf).

Project: A project, such as a video or multimedia production, that breaks new ground in an area of applied work, with a Project Paper of about 30 pages documenting the work involved, placing it in the context of theory and practice in the field, and explaining its originality.

The project option permits MA candidates to undertake and report on advanced work in non-traditional ways. Projects could include an audio, video, or multi-media production, a website or network design, a photographic essay, technical manual, or strategic information plan, among many possible examples. The required project paper must document the work involved, place it in the context of the theory and practice in the field, and explain the originality of its contribution.

(B) Master's Research Paper

9 half-courses and Paper (27 course credits)

Master's Research Paper [M.R.P.]: A paper of about 50 pages reporting research on a topic approved by a faculty advisor.

MA Course Requirements

Core Courses [3 half-courses, 9.0 credits]
All Masters students are required to take the following core courses:

In addition to the above Core courses, all students must take:

Foundation Courses [2 half-courses, 6.0 credits]
All students are required to take one half-course foundation course in each of their Major and Minor fields of study. The fields of study include:

Elective Courses [3 or 4 half-courses, 9.0 or 12.0 credits]
Four or five elective courses besides the required courses are also needed, depending on which degree option the MA student is choosing. Electives may be taken in all three fields of study, as well as courses outside of the program. Students must take a minimum of one elective course in their major field; and normally a minimum of one elective course in their minor field.

Independent study courses are also available. These include Directed Readings, Directed Research, Directed Group Study and Field Placement. Please discuss your plans with your program director prior to embarking on any of these courses. More information on Independent study courses.